Freelance writing

Are You Looking for a Freelance Writer?

I’m a trained sociologist and a freelance writer, with over a decade of experience writing extensively about human sexuality, Berlin, politics, LGBTQIA+ issues, human-animal relations, society, and culture. I know how to write both engaging and easy-to-understand articles, as well as scientific essays. 

What Topics do I Cover?

As a freelance writer, I cover a wide range of topics (in English or German). Those topics include (but are not limited to): 

Human Sexualities, for instance:

  • BDSM & sexual fetishes
  • Sex work
  • Pornography
  • Sexual consent
  • Sexualized violence
  • Chemsex (sex under the influence of certain drugs)
  • Berlin
  • Club Culture

History, for instance:

  • History of sexuality
  • LGBTIQ history

Human-Animal Relations, for instance:

  • Interconnections between different forms of oppression
  • Scientific analyses


  • Politics
  • Sociology & Social Psychology
  • Society & Culture

What languages do you write in?: English or German

What does it Cost, and What Else do you Need to Know?

  • My articles and texts are fact-checked thoroughly, and are engaging without being overwhelming. You can find a selection of my writings here.
  • The amount of work related to your request will influence the price. For details, please get in touch with me at