Berlin’s History of Sex – in Augmented Reality!

In the guided Berlin tour Berlin’s History of Sex, we’ll dive together into the History of Sexual science and sex in Berlin.
This is a one-of-a-kind Berlin history city tour in Augmented Reality that you won’t find anywhere else! 

What is this guided Berlin tour about?

In the Augmented Reality guided Berlin tour Berlin’s History of Sex, we’ll discover Berlin history as you’ve never seen it before! 

Sexuality from the 1850s to 2020s

The History of Sex in Berlin is unique, exciting, shocking, sad, and at times absolutely unbelievable. You’ll discover recent history from the mid of the 19th century until today – with a heavy focus on the Roaring Twenties and the events that led to Nazi Germany!

A unique view of the city of Berlin

Are you tired of always the same historical tours? Berlin’s History of Sex gives you a glimpse into the history of Berlin like you’ve never seen it before – while still being closely linked to the specific historical facts you know! Get to know the Roaring Twenties, the Nazi era, and the Berlin Wall from an entirely new perspective!

Discover it all in Augmented Reality

Powered by ZAUBAR: Travel through time and see it all in Augmented Reality: Walk through the sex museum in the world’s first institute of sexual science, discover the origins of the modern LGBTIQ movement, explore the beginnings of German nudist culture, learn all about sex work, kinks, and sexual fetishes in the Roaring Twenties, enter the notorious Eldorado club and see what made it the world’s most famous club, understand the long-forgotten persecution of queer people under Nazi Germany, relive the AIDS crisis in a divided Berlin, and get a glimpse into sex in Berlin today! 

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What will I leave this guided Berlin tour with?

You will leave Berlin’s History of Sex not only with a better knowledge of the history of sexual science and sex in Berlin but also with a deep understanding of the struggles of marginalized communities based on their sexual and gender identities, as well as how it all ties into their global movement and the broader German and Berlin history.

An understanding of the interconnections between pre- and post-Nazi-German history, sexual politics, and sex culture

Why is Berlin “the most sexual city on Earth” – both today as well as 100 years ago? How many people were sex workers in the 1920s, and what unusual kinks and fetishes were they offering? Why is Berlin the birthplace of modern sexual science? Many of the debates around sex and gender that we have today were already held 100 years ago – but were almost entirely destroyed by the Nazis, setting not only Germany but many parts of the world back for several decades!

An appreciation for the struggles of marginalized sexual and gender communities

Berlin is also the birthplace of the modern LGBTIQ emancipation movement. You’ll discover “the world’s first gay man“, the foundation of the world’s first LGBTIQ rights organization, the coining and popularization of the terms “homosexuality” and “transvestite”, one of the world’s first gender affirmation surgeries, the world’s first song and movie about homosexuality, the significant impact of 1920s Berlin’s lesbian culture on worldwide fashion, gender diversity in the Roaring Twenties most infamous club, gay Nazis and the destruction of everything by Hitler and Nazi Germany, as well as the slow resurrection in a divided Berlin.

A fun day with a guided tour of the next generation – in Augmented Reality!

Augmented Reality brings this guided Berlin tour to the next level! You’ll be joining the Berlin Guide and his iPad Pro on your historic city exploration in Augmented Reality! Via the iPad’s camera, you’ll be able to discover the reality of the city on your iPad with historical Augmented Reality elements placed over it. For instance, you’ll be able to see a building in front of you precisely in the way it looked in the 1920s, with all the glamorous signs of the nightclub it housed during those times. Or you’ll walk past sex workers from the Roaring Twenties standing right in front of you while the Berlin Guide provides you with more information. You’ll also be able to create “Mixies” – photographs of you with Augmented Reality elements! For instance, you can take a photo of yourself while demonstrating with women during the sexual revolution or with the Homosexual Action Westberlin in the 1970s!

What do I need to bring?

  1. Your ID or passport: In order to get the iPad Pro, I will have to take a photo of your ID (with your ID number covered). This photo will be deleted again when you return the iPad.
  2. A valid public transport ticket as we will travel by underground or bus.
  3. An umbrella or sun protector and water depending on weather conditions. (Please be aware that the tour will be cancelled in extreme weather conditions, like heavy rain or storm, and you will be fully refunded.)
  4. A curious mind and no reluctance to be entertained or shocked.

When and where does the tour happen, and how long does it take?

Berlin’s History of Sex in Augmented Reality starts in front of Bellevue Palace (Schloss Bellevue, Spreeweg 1, 10557 Berlin). We meet under the trees on the right side when facing the palace, right by the street. For times, please check the schedule calendar when booking your tickets.

The guided Berlin tour lasts about 3.5 hours and ends at Nollendorfplatz. From there you get excellent public transport connections to anywhere in the city.

What does it cost, and what else do I need to know?


The guided Berlin tour costs 49.00€ per person.

There is a 50% discount for students. Please bring a valid student ID to the tour to confirm you are a student.

There is also a 50% discount for people working or volunteering in sex education, sex work, or sex/gender activism.

People eligible include:

  • people working in sexual health (e.g. AIDS service organizations, STI prevention, etc.)
  • people working in sexual education (e.g. sexological institutes, universities, self-employed speakers, kink educators, etc.)
  • people working in human rights connected to gender/sexuality (e.g. feminism, LGBTIQ, etc.)
  • sex workers

IMPORTANT: This booking only becomes valid when you email AFTER the booking process with a link to your work that proves you’re eligible for this price.

Finally, there are discounts for group bookings:

  • 3-4 people get a 20% discount.
  • 5 or more people get a 30% discount.


The guided Berlin tour is in English. However, German tours can be offered as private tours on request for 250€ (up to 9 participants), 300€ (10-14 participants), 350€ (15-19 participants), or 400€ (20+ participants). For German tours, please send me an email to 

Other info

  • This entire guided Berlin tour is accessible by wheelchair.
  • This is a unique guided tour in Berlin that also makes an excellent gift for loved ones!
  • You can also book a private tour. To request, please send an email to! Prices are:
    • 250€: up to 9 participants,
    • 300€: 10-14 participants,
    • 350€: 15-19 participants,
    • 400€: 20+ participants.
  • This guided Berlin tour is only suitable for people who are at least 18 years of age.
  • Please be aware of the trigger/content warnings, which include: animal cruelty, antisemitism, BDSM/kinks/fetishes, HIV/AIDS, homophobia, human trafficking, (mass) murder, Nazi Germany, poverty, racism, sex, sexism, sexual abuse, (sexualized) violence against and abuse of children, sex work/prostitution, transphobia, and violence (physical, psychological, sexualized).

What are the exact stops of this guided Berlin tour?

  1. Meeting at Palace Bellevue
    1. Introduction
    2. The history of german nudism
  2. Magnus-Hirschfeld-Ufer
    1. Karl Heinrich Ulrichs – “the world’s first gay man”
    2. Magnus Hirschfeld and the “sexual intermediairies”
    3. The foundation of the world’s first LGBTIQ rights organization
    4. The foundation of the world’s first institute of sexual science
    5. Intersex trans* woman Lili Elbe and one of the world’s first gender affirmation surgeries
    6. The sex museum
    7. The destruction of Hirschfeld’s work by the Nazis
  3. Memorial to the Persecuted Queers under National Socialism
    1. Ernst Röhm, chief of the NS “Sturmabteilung” & Adolf Hitler
    2. The mass murder of LGBTIQs in the Nazi concentration camps
  4. Kurfürstenstraße
    1. Sex work, kinks and fetishes in the Roaring Twenties
  5. Schwerinstraße
    1. Lesbian life before and during the Roaring Twenties
    2. The lesbian bar “Toppkeller”
    3. German singer Claire Waldoff
  6. Nollendorfstraße
    1. Male gay life before and during the Roaring Twenties
    2. Police director Leopold von Meerscheidt-Hüllessem & psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing
    3. English novelist Christopher Isherwood & Cabaret
  7. Speisekammer im Eldorado
    1. World-renowned Eldorado clubs
    2. Gender diversity, drag, “transvestites”, and early trans* identities
    3. Ernst Röhm at Eldorado
    4. Vogue magazine’s search for the 1920s “Berlin’s most beautiful woman”
  8. International Stele Always Remember
    1. The sexual revolution in West Germany and the GDR
    2. The LGBTIQ rights movement in Berlin divided by the Wall
    3. The GDR’s most famous trans* woman Charlotte von Mahlsdorf
    4. Nudism and sex work in East and West
    5. Rita Süssmuth & the AIDS pandemic in West and East
  9. Nollendorfplatz
    1. Fetish Event Folsom Europe
    2. Prides in Berlin today
    3. Current clubbing culture & sex in Berlin before, during and after COVID-19, including Berghain, Kit Kat, and Lab-Oratory 

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